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Cranial Balancing Course (Cranial Tao-Yin)

Cranial Balancing Course (Cranial Tao-Yin)

For many years the UK has been aware of the benefits of cranial balancing, and we at the Academy have studied many different approaches of cranial therapy (beginning with the Western system, then onto the Japanese and finally settling on the Chinese Tao-Yin system). All system cross over in their beliefs and techniques but this course will open you to the world of Tao-Yin (Qi Gung).

Course Pre-Requisite – Massage qualification including anatomy and physiology

Course Length – 3 Modules (1 Module being a 2 day attendance lecture)

Home Study – 2 Essays (plus learning assignments)

End of course program examination to gain a professional qualification in Tao-Yin Cranial Balancing

Registration/Approval – This course is recommended and approved by the Institute for Complementary & Natural Medicine (ICNM), British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP)

Course Cost – Total: £700 (£100 non-refundable deposit and £600 for the course. Payments made £200 per course module)

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