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Facebook Integration

The website is now integrated with your Facebook login, so you’re able to post comments using your Facebook credentials.

At the bottom of this blog post, you should see the comments form, with a “Connect with your Facebook Account” button.

Click it, confirm the site is allowed to use your basic information, and you’re logged in and ready to go!  Simples!

Oh, and before I forget, if you’re logged in, you will also see a Facebook Like button under the comments too!  The perfect platform to share the website with your Facebook buddies!


  1. Looking forward to a weekend of teaching – Facial Acupuncture, cosmetics, and Cranial facial treatments.

  2. fab one!!!! still interested in becoming a oriental doctor one day!!!! love your site!!!! cool dude!! x

  3. You are right this is cool. great new site, superb place for students past & present to share knowledge and tips.

  4. This is cool!

  5. He speaks the truth. And by “he” I of course mean me.

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