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What Can Acupuncture Treat?

We’re often asked what acupuncture can treat, and the list really is endless. In the West however it is primarily used for treating pain caused by problems with the muscles, bones and joints, although it may often be used to treat illness such as irritable bowel syndrome or asthma. Acupuncture can also help to provide pain relief for people with cancer.

There has been quite a lot research in acupuncture in comparison to some of the other complementary therapies. We know that it can help in headache and migraine, dental pain and low back pain. Its use has also been well evaluated in the treatment of nausea (early morning sickness, post-anaesthetic nausea and the nausea which is caused by using powerful anti-cancer drugs).

There is some evidence that acupuncture might help improve and accelerate recovery after a stroke and while acupuncture does not appear to work to help people give up smoking, it can help overcome the withdrawal period from other harder drug addictions. Acupuncture may help people with asthma, although the evidence is a little conflicting at the present time.

For many illnesses, the effect of acupuncture has not been properly assessed so it is not really fair to say that we understand the true scope or benefit that acupuncture may have in treating a whole variety of different conditions.

Generally, acupuncture is effective treatment, or source of relief from the following ailments:

Muscular and joint problems

• tennis elbow; frozen shoulder; other joint injuries
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• back ache, lumbago
• arthritis, rheumatism
• hernia
• general aches and pains

Digestive problems, and low energy

• irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); abdominal pains
• heart burn, nausea, acid reflux
• constipation, loose stools
• food intolerances
• bloating or tiredness after eating
• high cholesterol levels
• excessive gas or wind
• ulcers
• low energy levels
• ME (chronic fatigue syndrome, post-viral syndrome)

Respiration and other lung-related conditions

• asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath
• hay fever
• persistent cough, bronchitis
• pleurisy, emphysema
• frequent colds and flu
• sinusitis, laryngitis

Menstrual, or period, problems

• painful periods
• pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
• excessively heavy periods, erratic menstrual cycle
• menopausal syndrome
• infertility, impotence

Headache, migraine, and nervous conditions

• Migraine and headache
• trigeminal neuralgia
• sciatica
• facial paralysis
• dizziness, tinnitus

Stress-related, mental and emotional

• depression, anxiety, panic attacks
• palpitations, fearfulness
• poor concentration and memory
• insomnia
• general feeling of stress
• high blood pressure

Other conditions

• stopping smoking (see: How can acupuncture help me give up smoking?)
• cystitis, frequent urination
• difficult urination, incontinence
• oedema
• skin conditions


  1. Being an acupunturist myself, I sometimes wonder what I should put you can treat on the website.I guess it depends on the country but legal issues are a pain in the neck. It is a good list and I like it.

  2. You have an amazing site! Keep up the good work.

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